Cersaie Bologna 2017

Tagina, a state-of-the-art company and unique in style

Tagina is strategically preparing to face the coming years with determination and commitment by trying to plan in the best way all its activities from production to the delivery of the finished products passing through the customer service, marketing and brand development.
An ever-changing company, but it always maintains its uniqueness in style and product thanks to the investments that have allowed it to enter the world of large sizes (120x120 and 80x180), bringing Tagina to the level of big industries of the sector .This allows to widen the wide-spectrum business vision, even entering into markets where it was not possible to reach till now.
Tagina now also feels the need to be in the market with more “contract” products, hence the idea of differentiating the brand in two declinations:

- Beige brand: “The Contemporary Tagina” represents the new course, the current and the modernity of a company that makes its historic tradition in the ceramic world, the basis for delivering the product to a top level under all the points of view.
- Institutional brand: “The Original Tagina” represents the historicity of the company born in the 70s, which grew over the years to become with its products the leading company in the ceramic world for its care and aesthetical beauty of its products.

A need for change already felt, but now even more urgent by virtue of the plan to increase production capacity that in the space of 3/5 years can reach three times the current (or rather 3 million square meters) and which will also provide the ability to create new and larger sizes in a short time.Starting from a macro analysis through the reading of the sector industry data it then passed to see those that are strengths and criticalities and according these data start to outline a series of interventions to maximize the former and to minimize, not to say, eliminate the latter.
By synthesizing the proposed work, there was a both geographical and distributing focusing need and bigger characterization and articulation regarding the collection proposals. This refinement process to market needs has already begun and will speed up in the near future.
Therefore Tagina moves to re-confirm its value but relaunches upwards and it is not satisfied to regain some of the neglected spaces that were once its own but wants to conquer many others using new energies in addition to a consolidated capacity of technique, design and culture of doing.
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