The History

Tagina Ceramiche d’Arte was founded in 1973 and was named after the ancient name of its Umbrian hometown, Gualdo Tadino. Result of the initiative of a group of managers, the company represents one of the biggest regional realities and exports over the 70% of its own production of ceramic floor and wall tiles, being a worldwide testimony of quality and Made in Italy typical care. Located from a logistical and cultural point of view outside the “Emilian ceramic district”, Tagina stands out due to its ability to combine the most modern techniques of industrial production of ceramic floor and wall tiles with the heritage coming from the ceramic tradition and from the artisan culture by which Gualdo Tadino is quite rich. The production of majolica with metal effects and the art of hand painting has made famous the Umbrian town since the Renaissance Age. The significant growth of investments in research and technology innovation has characterized increasingly the industrial heart, heart that lives together and is connected to the ceramic “savoir faire” one, binding itself with techniques of ancient age, as for example the “third firing” baking technique, the “plaster casting” technique, the hand painting. The internal laboratory, ”the Atelier” is the centre of activity of research and experimentation of Tagina, able to make any tailor-made floor project with the most appropriate ceramic “suit”. It’s here that planners and architects find attention and innovative solutions, made together with company technicians, and it’s also here where the customized Contract idea is developed. The Contract division is an important segment of the company especially for this reason: provides to the customer a tailor-made product, made together with the planner to cover the living spaces in a perfect way, both for indoor or outdoor. To reach this target, both industrial and the best hand-made techniques are employed. These last hand-made ones in particular allows the making of special pieces dedicated to the planning of “total ceramic” environments. As many architects and interior designers had already the possibility to experiment, Tagina is a precious partner to give space to research, to innovation, to the production of unique and “tailor-made” floor and wall tile solutions that can be applied also on a Contract version on big scale.
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