Central Marketplace of Florence

San Lorenzo square
The upgrading project, made by the Italian architectural studio Archea Associati of Florence with premises and works made in many countries of the world under the guide of the architect Marco Casamonti, had the aim to create a new covered urban square and put the accent on the need to give to the city centre a new contemporary meeting place. There hasn’t been radical upgrading normative and technical interventions the previous ones were dating 2008 leaving at the disposal on the first floor of the central Marketplace an empty and usable space, but without that charm and that home feeling typical of the town squares. Based on the combination “Culture & food”, the architecture of the first floor flows from an ideational principal: to upgrade one of the most beautiful historical marketplaces of Italy introducing contemporary using systems that can catch the demands of public more and more variegated and educated. It’s not a work confined in the bed of interior design, but a protected architecture conceived on an urban scale with the lightness and the brightness of the wonderful of the nineteen century carpentry in iron and cast iron is underlined through the employment of simple and natural materials as (wood, mats, ropes, terra cotta, pigmented cements) and flexible furnishing, furniture and a series of big lamps in wicker and rush that fill discreetly the big enclosed place of the market. The architectural ensemble values the artisanal vocation of the little shops, disposed, as along a street or a square, according an ordered sequence that make an “open” expositive system able to give full visibility of the working laboratories and the public can enjoy the manual activity of the preparation of the food. All the little shop spaces, both for preparation and the selling, as also the areas destined to the services, are studied to restore, even if each one with its functional specific characteristics, an unitary and joyful image of marketplace. The first floor of the Marketplace of Florence a new stage of an European itinerary of the historical and food & wine marketplaces inside an architecture that conjugates, with a new awareness typical of Italian Renaissance modernity and tradition. It’s a work where the spirit of the past released of the useless sense of nostalgia and by an harmful position revenue becomes still relevant and available for the city. A city where architecture, together with its history and its values, wants to be still protagonist.
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Marco Casamonti - Studio Archea
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